Morrison County GOP

Mission and Vision Statement

The Morrison County Republicans, through strong leadership, moral strength, and community involvement, strives to promote the ideals and mission. Our mission is to protect the conservative values of the Republican party and the inalienable rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness for all citizens as in the Constitution of the United States of America. We stand to promote the election of qualified Republicans to local, state and federal office as a result of the efforts of a strong county party at the grass-roots level.

Meet our Executive Board Members


I'm John Ulrick, your Chairman. I'm 67 years old; a resident of Morrison County since 1977. A retired Military Officer since 2015 and a VFW and DAV lifetime member. I am a former business owner and a farmer in Lakin Township in Morrison County since 1975. I have many years of experience managing different types of staff that planned numerous events, including military operations. I ran for Minnesota House twice and will see where that will lead. For now, I have my sleeves rolled up, ready to give you my all to make Morrison County BPOU a robust and honest example for all to enjoy and be proud to participate in. 

I can be reached at 320-292-2831 or Email 



I'm Jeff Stanek Deputy Chair. I am a lifelong resident of Morrison County. I graduated from Little Falls class of 1984. I have been married to my wife Ann for 35 years and have three sons. I am a 22- year veteran of the Minnesota Army National Guard retired in 2005. Since I retired from active military service, I have continued working as a civilian contractor in multiple positions in the logistics field for the MN Army National Guard, (MNARNG). Currently I'm employed as a full-time Logistics Management Specialist at Camp Ripley. I am an avid outdoorsman with a love of the outdoors. My favorite activities include hunting, fishing, gardening, and raising chickens. My vision for our Morrison County Republican BPOU is to have maximum participation by all the precinct delegates and alternates to identify and endorse the best candidates for public office. Morrison is your BPOU, and your voice needs to be heard. 

My pledge to all delegates is to be honest, fair, transparent, and non-bias to any candidate until an endorsement has been made. I look forward to working with all of you to make our BPOU the best in the state. 

I can be reached at 320-360-2328 or 


Hello, I am Jesse Doroff. I have been elected Vice Chair to our county's BPOU board. I plan on making the most of this opportunity. 

I am a lifetime resident of our county. My family and I enjoy this area's outdoor activities, even in the winter. 

My priority is welcoming new members and helping to educate them. 

Secondly, building a solid working relationship with the new board members is vital to long-term success. The final goal is to use honesty, transparency, and integrity in every event we participate in. 

I am excited for this opportunity and the bright future ahead. 

I can be reached at 320-630-5297 or

Taylor Anderson

Hi, I'm Taylor Anderson, your Vice Chair. 

I was born and have lived in central Minnesota my whole life. 

I am passionate about maintaining personal rights and liberties endowed upon us by our creator. As a lifetime Eagle Scout, I understand the importance of leadership by example through civil service. I strive to do my best to lead and inspire others to foster moral values and respect. Respect and leadership are essential to maintain a sense of community well-being while encouraging personal responsibility to help others in need. My vision for the world would be that everyone thrives by working together as a community utilizing our unique God-given talents without coercion. 

I can be reached at 218-639-3054 or email at

Rene Krousey

 My name is Rene Krousey and I am the Treasurer for the Morrison County BPOU. I am married with a blended family of nine children. My hobbies include my pets, gardening, baking, traveling, and learning new languages. 

I believe our BPOU plays an essential role in shaping the future of our state and country. I am committed to transparency and eager to ensure that the BPOU's finances are spent wisely and accounted for. 

I am eager to work with the rest of the team to build a strong and financially secure organization that can positively impact our community. 

I can be reached at 320-360-6963 or 

secretary Not currently listed